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Written by Jordan White   

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Having churned out hits for the likes of Kylie, Madonna and Britney, you'd be forgiven for expecting this debut single from trio-producers 'Miike Snow' to fit nicely into that mould of disposable-but-generically-genius pop songs.  

In fact, 'Animal' has such an array of sounds, it is difficult to class it as anything simpler than electro-funk-reggae-pop!

A static, slightly off-melody beat with a hint of synths combined with UB40 instills in your mind as the vocals kick in.  There is also some clever lyrical repetition for extra catchiness. Technically crafted in that 'layered' way that only the best producers are capabale of, this is four minutes of a mish-mash of musical styles that fit together perfectly... with the added bonus of a tinny-sounding piano for good-measure!



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