About Musictravels

Musictravels combines the passions of music and travelling. 

Why music and travelling?  Because they are more interesting subjects than, for instance, hedge funds or cosmetics.

Musictravels provides regular reviews on the best new album and single releases (and some not-so-good ones too) as well as insightful and entertaining first-person travel narratives.  Musictravels disclaims any responsibility for any reader who finds the content neither insightful nor entertaining.

Unlike your big shot magazines, the articles in Musictravels are not influenced by commercial interests.  In particular, the travel articles aim to entertain rather than educate - if you are after a guide-book, go pick up a Lonely Planet.

The music that has been reviewed is, in our humble opinion, the most worthy on the planet in the genres of rock and electronica.  We also add into the mix more commercially-inclined offerings as well as some obscure titles.


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