Music Travels would like to thank its writers, without whom the site would be up the proverbial sh*t creek... or is that proverbially up sh*t creek?  If you know the answer to this grammatical question, perhaps you should apply for a job as editor?

Here are some of our current writers: 

Jordan White

Jordan doesn’t pretend to be the world’s greatest music aficionado.  He’s far too bitter and jealous after his career as a steel-drum playing choir boy failed to take off, probably because the X-factor’s Got Talent came too late.

He believes that any type of music can be enjoyed in the right place but his absolute pet hates are metaphorical lyrics and people taking music too seriously.  With a particular love for Indie-Pop, Hip-Hop and anything with a good sample, Jordan tries to bring something tongue-in-cheek to a review, but if at any point one suspects he is merely trying to show off, then one should feel free to slap him silly. 

Matt Killeen 


Matt Killeen has had a diverse career in music, film and advertising.  He’s been a musician, a manager and a promoter amongst other things so he can see the little man behind the curtain and knows when the Emperor is, in fact, naked.  For him, music is a beautiful, valuable and important thing so he thinks people who screw with it are evil.  He isn’t negative, but most things are garbage.  He wants the food of love fresh, not reheated. He wants someone to blow his mind, not hot air. He wants great golden copulations on the streets rather than a rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. 

Mojo Wellington

Mojo Wellington is a musician, specialising in blues, jazz and boogie-woogie piano. He has played in venues across the globe, including the El Rocco Jazz Cellar (Bar Me) in Sydney and the Houses of Parliament in London, as both a solo performer and as part of a band.

When he’s not songwriting or performing, Mojo likes spending his time listening to and watching others play their music – and then writing about it for this website.

Like a true rock ‘n’ roller, part of him wishes he was a successful comic. Then again, part of him wishes he was a successful musician, too. 



TK has to varying degrees of failure attempted to play the piano, clarinet, drums and guitar during his lifetime.  He was no doubt a disappointment to his teachers, but more so his parents who were not even getting paid to listen to him grappling with the simple basics of rhythm and melody.  While packing his instruments away one last time, he picked up a pen.  This led him to the more easy pursuit of writing. Which he has had infinitely more success with (but there was a low bar to jump there).  He particularly enjoys hip-hop, electronica and indie-rock.


If you think that this could be a forum for you to advertise your writing wares to the world, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with an example of your writing.  Payment is negotiable.

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