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Written by TK   

"Eclectic" is a word bandied about in media circles about as frequently as "think-tank" and for that matter the expression "indie music". 

However, if a think-tank was to be held to come up with a list of indie music acts on the more eclectic end of the scale, new-boys-on-the-block Feral Kids would no doubt earn a Guernsey.

Feral Kid's album "Second to the Last Frontier", is a thought-provoking debut album.  With reflective and somewhat obscure lyrics such as, "Thought he could hear the voice of God / but he couldn't hear a goddamned word", Feral Kids delivers anguished vocals, piercing yet haunting keyboards and bouncy percussion.  Stylistically, the band has much to show-off - it is uniquely made up of two singers and two drummers which obviously heavily influences its sound.

From its powerful opening track, "Spy/Glass House", to the unique sounds of, "Billionaires vs Millionaires" and the screaming animalistic-sounds of lead singer Jeff Keenan in "Me, Me, Just Me", the album is as unpredictable as it is experimental.

This is not easy-listening, hovering half-way between turmoil and joy.  And you thought that Nirvana were unhinged?  However, repeated listens of the album are rewarding and soon you too will realise why there is considerable hype building for the band.  


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