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Written by TK   

There is no questioning that alternative hard-rockers All The Way Rider pump out music as raw as sushi.  With debut album 'Lahuna' released in 2007, All the Way Rider's fan-base would have been licking their lips in anticipation for their follow up album 'The Eagle's Revenge'.

'The Eagle's Revenge' is initially not easy-listening (although I don't think the band ever put on any pretences that they sound like Sonny and Cher).  Tracks such as "Fort Dodge Police"  and "Truth Hits Nobody" strike you with their almost venomous sound.

However as the record proceeds the sound becomes more versatile.  The more mellow "Starting to Warble" powerfully showcases lead-singer Jeremy Jessen's voice as well as guitar-playing ability, and "Roadside Assistants" enthrals with its pulsing guitar and invigorating chorus.  In fact, on "Roadside Assistants" Jessen sounds remarkably similar to Mike Patton of Faith No More.  "A Proverbial Riot in the Streets" is as hip as the Shoreditch scene.

All the Way Rider show moments of real magic on "The Eagle's Revenge".  However, the album just falls short of being brilliant. 



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