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Written by TK   

It is no understatement to call The Verve's latest, "Forth", one of the most anticipated UK albums of 2008.  Yet despite being one of the most successful rock bands in recent history, the band has surprisingly only released three albums until their"Forth".  

"Forth" does not fail to deliver.  This may not be massive news to any fan who has witnessed the Verve perform new material at any of their recent shows, as it is clear that this band has immense talent (which lead-singer Richard Ashcroft enjoys letting you know about at any given opportunity). 

The album is Pink Floydesque in its psychedelic elements as it is experimental.  The closest the album gets to the classics "Sonnet" and "Lucky Man" are the anthemic and somehow instantly recognisable opening tracks, "Sit and Wonder" and "Love is Noise".  Beyond these, this is definitely not commercial rock music; anyone chasing another "Urban Hymns" may be disappointed.  The more discerning fan, however, is in for a treat.

Spacey throughout, “Forth” reaches truly angelic heights with "I See Houses", while "Rather Be" is a timeless lesson in melody from a band in unmistakeably peak form.  The down-tempo "Judas" and "Valium Skies" may leave you craving an acai-infused shot of tequila, but there is no questioning the musical genius here. 

For once, we can believe the hype for here at last is a band worthy of their lead-singer’s ego.  And while the latter’s recent solo offerings may have eased the pain of the band's premature break-up, this reunited Verve in all their might are indeed a rock-band to behold.


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