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Written by TK   

Scottish band Franz Ferdinand has had numerous hits over their first two albums. Reputedly, the aim of their third album, "Tonight", was to lead off into a slightly new direction and make their sound even more dance-floor friendly.

Lead single, "Ulysses", starts the album with a bang.  Featuring a great build up, it is arguably the most Franz Ferdinand-song of the album and somewhat similar in style to their classics, "Take Me Out" and "The Dark of the Matinee".  The electronic undertones ensure the song is the stand-out song of the album, and the lyrics "I've found a new way" are a portent for the tunes to come.  

If "Ulysses" is similar in style to Franz Ferdinand's stand-out tunes from the past, then "Lucid Dreams" is a nod in the new direction.  Practically full-on electronica, ironically the song is actually testament to the band-members' beginnings which were apparently inclined towards synthesiser-elements.  "Twilight Omens" is brilliant and has compelling ear-catching verses as well as attractive undertones.  "Live Alone" features a chorus which rolls along like a slinky down a flight of stairs.  Finally, "What She Came For", has all the ingredients to become an instant classic. 

For anyone tiring of the guitar-focused bands of the new millennia, this album offers relief.  Indeed, it is the fusion of electronica and indie-rock that make this an exciting listen.  Franz Ferdinand have struck a fine balance between the two musical genres too – the band utilises electronica without compromising lead-singer Alex Kapranos' vocals and the instrumental-components.  Franz Ferdinand has indeed found a new way.


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