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Written by Lee Allen   

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2008 brought us the epic and groundbreaking Jay-Z, T.I, Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West collaboration "Swagger Like Us".

When announced, it sent shockwaves through the music world and had hip-hop fans drooling at the prospect of arguably the four biggest stars in hip hop joining forces.  The track sprouted hundreds of remixes, millions of blog posts worldwide & was nominated for two Grammy’s.  Most of us thought we would never see a collaboration of this proportion again. Well, at least for a few years at any length…

Well, one year on we have "Forever", with arguably the hottest property in the music business Drake replacing the recently incarcerated T.I., and Jay-Z’s spot being traded with arguably the only person worthy - multi-platinum selling superstar Eminem.  But does it live up to the hype?

The answer is simple.  Yes! 

Not only does it meet expectations, it eclipses its predecessor "Swagger Like Us" in just about every way. The Boi1da produced track provides an anthem for the "More Than A Game" soundtrack and will most likely feature on Drake's debut album, "Thank Me Later".  Drake delivers an emotional auto-tuned hook (crafted perfectly for commercial success) over thumping drums topped off with a distinctive air horn; but don’t be fooled by its pop-influenced hook, all four emcees go for it on this one!

The most obvious blog title, which is bound to spring up, is going to be along the lines of who had the best verse… and the most obvious replies to this post will be along the lines of Drake or Eminem.  On the one hand, Drake delivers an array of punchlines and metaphors one after the other in extraordinary fashion, whereas in the other corner Eminem brings us a completely mind-blowing flow (and in the process, drops the best line of the song, ‘I’m Hannibal Lecter so just in case you thinking of saving face").

This could potentially be the song that defines 2009!


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