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Written by TK   

Danny Krivit is the man behind the uplifting compilation "718 Sessions" released on Nervous Records, and it is a fine collection of house music tunes.

The mood of the album does not undergo any outrageous changes throughout its duration, although tempo does slow slightly and the mood shift towards the dark in the middle stages of the album.  However, generally "718 Sessions" veers towards the more fast-paced of house music tunes.  The collection features some stellar names of the house music scene, including the Kings of Tomorrow, Jazzy Jeff, Louie Vega, and Chyna with Perfect World.  Chyna and Perfect World's contribution, "U Know That I Love U" is an absolutely blissful beginning, aptly chased by Shake the Dog with "Run" featuring the diva-like vocals of Monique Bingham. Without doubt, the funkiest of all the funky contributions is "God Created Woman" by Teddy Douglas - with the distinctive vocals of Margaret Grace, it defines the word lush (as the English would say). BT Express' "Peace Pipe" recalls the disco scene.

Of those of you who have not heard of Danny Krivit, he managed to make his name way back in the 70s during the height of the disco days, and he has been resident DJ of Roxy amongst other venues.

This collection is a must for anyone who is still interested in the house music scene, or the lighter electronica scene with sprinklings of jazz.  It is arguably the most ear-catching collection of dance music songs since Dimitri From Paris bought out the original "A Night at the Playboy Mansion".

9.5/10 for house music fans

Label:  Nervous Records

Release: 22 September 2009

Website: http://www.myspace.com/718sessions

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