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Written by TK   

Way Out West has, it must be said, an uncanny knack for producing electronic music which has instant appeal to a wide audience.

Granted, indie kids and teeny-boppers will shy away from their trance and progressive-house offerings, but it is precisely these elements of new break-beaten single "Spaceman" that will capture the imagination and attention of electronica fans across the world.  Perhaps most comparable to Hybrid's "Wide Angle", "Spaceman" certainly takes Way Out West into slightly un-chartered waters.

The electronic act, made up of the all-conquering DJ Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff, has had some success over the years, "Intensify" in particular proving both a critical and commercial hit.  With a rumoured fourth album on the way, it is hard not to wonder if this latest “Spaceman” batch will measure up.  But while the single probably won’t go top-40 the way "Mindcircus" and "The Gift" did, like “Intensify” it may well prove a world-wide club hit.


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