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Written by TK   

 In dance music circles, Tom Middleton's new three-disc compilation, Renaissance 3D, has been one of the most anticipated new releases of the new year.

In all honesty, I have been slightly disappointed by some of the latest offerings from Tom Middleton, however this release more than makes up for his recent tame recordings.  Certainly, this release reconfirms Tom Middleton's status as a top DJ as well as top music producer in his own right (Renaissance 3D features quite a number of his own productions, including from his solo project, Cosmos).

Renaissance 3D is a release in three parts: "Home", "Club" and "Studio".  Not surprisingly it is the "Club" album which sees Tom Middleton at his finest, and most uplifting.  This is a truly brilliant release, and is mixed to great effect.  From the funky beginnings to the sing-along and dance-til-you-drop middle parts and finally the eclectic ending, this is a CD that will inspire.  "Studio" is a mix that contains a myriad of exclusives, including two rousing Cosmos tunes.  However, in comparison to "Club", "Studio" is a juxtaposition in that the first half is as brilliant as the second half is bland.  That aside, the first five tunes on "Studio" will more than dazzle you.  Finally, "Home" is an odd mix of songs that rewards multiple listens.  This is definitely primed for background music, where pressing the play button at a dinner party would be appropriate.  The middle to latter part of "Studio" feature some cool and dark tunes, including the stand-out, Fenomenon's "Out of Control".  The classic Orbital song, "Halcyon" also features.

Tom Middleton has a particular talent for having an ear for catchy tunes.  From the awesome Groove Armada song "Love Sweet Sound", to the funky beats of Trackheadz's "Our Music" and the chic Mari Boine tune "Voui Voui Mui", there is no shortage of talent over the three CD's of Rennaissance 3D.

Tom Middleton has had a highly successful career, and one hopes will be around for much longer.  This collection, replete with no less than 47 songs, is just what you might require to inject some fun vibes back into your life, if not your music collection.


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