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Written by TK   

Sepalot’s sound is as unformulaic as Russell Brand's comedy routine.  It is the funkiest hip-hop sound that you would ever want to hear.

Sepalot shifts effortlessly between hip-hop, eletro and every other imaginable genre on Red Handed.  As a musician, Sepalot is hip-hop’s answer to Prince, before Prince became The Artist Formerly Known As.  This album is where hip-hop merges with other musical forms to create a mish-mash of sounds; it is a far cry from the music of hip-hop’s forefathers.

On Red Handed, he utilizes no less than nine different artists.  Whether it’s Frank Nitty, New York rapper Saigon, German soul diva Miss Platnum or Frank-N-Dank, there is no possibly of growing bored here.  Personally speaking, it is the voice of New Zealand’s Ladi6—featured on “Go Get It”—that is the real standout.  A song that would sit pretty in a James Bond film, it’s mysterious like Hitchcock, sultry like Argentina and as sex-charged as Salt N’ Pepper in the early 1990s.  Indeed, “Go Get It” is the dark-horse single of the album.

However, it is on the first single, “She Likes Me” featuring Frank Nitty, that Sepalot has found a hit with both European and international DJs.  Its success comes as no real surprise, as within one listen I was embarrassingly attempting to rap along with the chorus like it was my business.  Without much success.

Sepalot’s songwriting skills are in-your-face (or more appropriately, in your ears), from the commercial rap-sound of “The Intro” to the worldly “From the Get Go,” or the ultra cool, “Smile.”  This is a highly recommended new release, and will appeal to all hip-hop and electronic music lovers—even those who enjoy a more commercial sound.


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