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Written by TK   

Move over, Dimitri from Paris and welcome Bob Sinclair into the Playboy abode.

Dimitri from Paris has made the Playboy mix series synonymous with chic jazz house and old school classic disco.  So it was interesting to see whether Bob Sinclair could create the same sound.

The first disc is a mix of slick soul and house tunes which is overshadowed by the decent second disc.   This disc begins with a Boogie Nights-style tune from Voyage, "From East to West".  It is followed by a Junior Jack classic, "Dancing" and then John Davis Orchestra's wonderful "Bougie Bougie".  It is hard to dislike a track which features the words, "Everybody wants to be bougie bougie", and the track is catchy epitomised.  

All in all, Sinclair has compiled a successful sample of soul and house tunes, memorable to play at any party, especially those set around the pools of the hedonistic Playboy Mansion.


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