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Written by TK   

Motorheard is one of the most influential heavy rock bands of all time, combining the jarring sounds of punk with that of heavy metal.

If it feels like Motorhead has been around forever, it is because they nearly have.  We can probably thank the genius of modern medicine for this than anything else, as it certainly belies belief as to how lead-singer (or should that be "barker"?) Lemmy Kilmister at 62 years-old can continue to produce music that puts the heavy back into metal.  Certainly, the band members have as big a reputation for being heavy drinkers as they do for being heavy-rockers.  Amazingly, the band has managed to produce twenty-four albums over their career, which is nearly one album for every year this reviewer has been alive.

The album begins with a bang, and does not let up throughout its length.  "Runaround" is remarkably quite an ear-catching (or is that ear-aching?) opener, and almost resembles a tune.  "One Short Life" also stands out amongst the cacophony of noise, although with such lines as, "Rock out, with your c*ck out, impress your lady friends", its lyrics may not particularly inspire linguists.

Lemmy may be the new Paul McCartney with his longevity, however buyer's beware - you are not going to get a series of ballads if you purchase this album.  "Motorizer", continuing along the theme of Motorhead's career, is raw, unadulterated, thumping rock music and will inspire hardcore heavy-metal rock fans the world over. 

However, those of you who are after a Top-10 pop-hit could be advised to shy away from purchasing the album.


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