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Written by TK   

South Welsh five piece band The Hustle, although describing themselves as "Rock and Funk", have unfortunately produced a fairly predictable collection of songs on their newly released EP.

There is no faulting their enthusiasm, and the songs are infused with good-time vibes.  Opening track 'These Days' is instantly recognisable, although this is perhaps not necessarily a good thing as it suggests a ubiquitousness with the band's sound.  The second track on the EP confirms that you may well have heard it all before in another guise, sounding distinctly similar to 'These Days'.  If you loved the Travis' song 'Side' you will also love 'Wish I Had the Time' - these songs sound spookily alike!
But there is something about the band that is oddly addictive.  Which means that there is no doubt that these boys have considerable commercial appeal.   Sometimes, that is not necessarily a good thing. 


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