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Written by TK   

How is it possible that the UK, a country of only around 60 million people, produce so many great rock bands?  Even if you include all of the Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders living in squalor in London into the overall population, it still seems to be a disproportionately high number of quality bands!

In recent times, the Fratellis, the Zutons, the Kooks, and the Kaiser Chiefs spring immediately to my mind as being at the peak of their game.  So will newbies Hungover Stuntmen join this elite group of English bands?  That is probably something for time to tell, however the signs are good as their debut album ‘Blame the BBC’ certainly promises much (even if it does leave you wanting for a little more).

The opener ‘Lost and Found’ is heavily guitar-led with interesting harmonisation, ‘Ballad of the Hungover Stuntman’ is a unique carnival-sounding vocally-charged track and without doubt the pick of the album, and the final end note ‘One Reason’ instantly has you singing along.  Instant candidates for single releases include ‘Ballad of the Hungover Stuntman’ and ‘One Reason’ more than ‘Inside Out’ which was instead chosen.

Will these boys hit it big?  Will the London stock exchange continue to dance about the charts like a prom-queen?  On both fronts, it’s easier to predict English weather.  However, based on these initial multi-faceted offerings, Hungover Stuntmen promise grand things.


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