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Written by TK   

We live in an age of cheesy commercial manufactured pop, easy rock, indie rock and hip-hop; not world-hating, heavier than heavy-metal rock.  Try telling that to the band Guilt Trip though!

You cannot blame the boys for trying, I admire their passion, and it is definitely clear that all the band-members have had significant experience playing their respective instruments.  However, most of the material from ‘Suffer In Silence’ can barely be classified as being songs.  And the album could not be more inappropriately named!  An album name such as ‘Suffer in Thunderous Heavy Metal’ may be more apt.
All that said, ‘Interlude’ is quite a cheerful respite from the noise, and opener ‘My Life’ is fairly likeable.  Excellent guitar solos feature throughout.
Perhaps this would appeal to anyone experiencing a particularly hate-the-world phase of their life, and not those of you who are more used to watching Simon Cowell sling insults to contestants on the X Factor.


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