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Written by TK   
Did you ever get woken up early one morning by the sound of a chainsaw nearby, or worst, a pack of bikers zipping around your area?   It is akin to having one thousand mosquitoes in your ear-lobe, and not a pleasant fashion in which to wake up.

If you have had a blessed upbringing without chainsaws, bikers, or even mosquitoes then perhaps you should continue to avoid noise pollution by steering away from purchasing, or even listening to, Young Hollywood’s ‘Asleep at the Switch’.  This is not really what I know as being music.  Certainly, it is a long way away from Beethoven. 

The EP is replete with shouting, jarring guitars and heavy percussion.  Which is disappointing, considering the band has a really catchy name!  Third track ‘Retailer Park Trash’ also has a brilliant name, somewhat off-set by the musical composition.
Melody has officially gone missing.


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