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Written by TK   

It is hard to believe that The Charlatans have now produced ten albums, however their latest release, “You Cross My Path”, could well be their best effort so far.  It is raw-rock music - experimental but also strangely familiar.

With the release of this album, the Charlatans made music history by becoming the first band from the United Kingdom to release an album completely free to its fans through a radio station's website.  It is a great concept in theory, as unfortunately it is a sign of the modern times that undoubtedly most fans would have downloaded the album for free from the internet, however it does beg the question of how the band is to make any money!  However, given the angst-ridden nature of the album, perhaps the band wanted to give something back to the fans.  For those who actually do go out and buy the album, a supplementary CD accompanies the main fare and in many respects this album is worth the cost of the purchase price alone as it features powerful live versions of many of the album's songs as well as extra material.

It is the tunes, “Oh Vanity” and “Bad Days” that stand-out, with “Oh Vanity” featuring catchy drums and melody and firing along at a cracking pace - the chorus, “promise me you will promise me, you will save the one last dance for me” is particular memorable.  This made the song an obvious choice as the album's second single.  However it is unclear why “Bad Days” was not released as a single, this is by far the album's most special moment.  From its cool and edgy beginnings, “Bad Days” progresses to a more upbeat end.  It is odd how catchy this song is as the lyrics are fairly morose and a direct dig at a former friend.  The live versions of both “Oh Vanity” and “Bad Days” trump the originals.
There are many other classic rock songs on “You Cross My Path”, and it is up there as one of the most accomplished recordings of this band to date, ironic considering that most of the album is focused on the themes of disaffection and break-up.  Fans of the Charlatans will be hoping that the band is not feeling disaffected and nor will they break-up as this material promises greener pastures in the future.


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