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Written by Thomas Holme   

Gruff, officious and raw; this sneaky little track eats you up in an orgy of noise.  Rolling funky drums, a deep baseline, a cheeky little guitar riff and some heavy over-the-odds vocals all add up to a rather deliciously gritty number.  If the 60’s were on ketamine, it would sound like this.


Often the trouble with garage bands is that a lot of them are, quite frankly, average.  However, Shabby Rogue sound – on first impression – to be sound-mongers of high grade grit rock that only a handful of bands can truly pull off.


This track will get stuck in your head and will haunt your demeanor as you rattle on down the road strutting whatever it is you people strut.  Its only downfall is that it’s not a very long track and is over before you know it.  Perhaps that's what Shabby Rogue were after, something to make us all hanker for more just like pining woodpigeons lost in the big bad city.


Rock and Roll, perhaps, Shaggy Fraudsters, definitely not.  If you’re after something to kick start your weekend play list you could do worse than investing in this musical gem.   



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