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Written by TK   

The Charlatan's recently released album, "You Cross My Path", is raw-rock music - experimental but oddly familiar.    

Single, "Oh Vanity", is one of the stand-out tracks of the album.  Featuring catchy drums, a stirring melody and setting a cracking pace, "Oh Vanity" will no doubt get a foothold on the rock charts. 

The chorus, "promise me you will promise me, you will save the one last dance for me", is so memorable that this reviewer was mastering the sing-along within one listen.  Least of all for my neighboring properties, this was not an overly positive development.

The live version of the song, included on the 'single', easily trumps the original.  In fact, many can vouch for the Charlatans' live performances, including all of those present at T In The Park festival over summer.

"Oh Vanity" may well be one of the most accomplished recordings of this band to date.  Somewhat surprisingly for a band that has been around for quite some time, the future is as bright as an alcoholic's nose on a cold day.


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