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Written by Amy Wilson   

The alt-rock group from Ealing, West London, have padded onto the charted rock scene with an appreciated, though bland, splash.

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Their debut single "To Lose My Life" is the sort of track to be thrashed out on a rock band with your musically incapable amigos.  The thrusting, pulsating bass lines and epic guitar chords give us a fix of noughtie's alt-rock that (despite having heard it all before) still manages to give you a 3-minute fix of guitar-hero fervor.

McVeigh's baritone is particularly goose-pimple inducing.  "Let's grow old together and die at the same time", induces a ghostly howl from the new front man of ghoulish alt-rock - not forgetting the 80's backbeat accompaniment - slightly unfitting for the macabre lines, but a proven paradox.

Were it not for the flaccid, shrug-inducing lyrics - with Harry McVeigh's voice - we would have a band deserving of the stadium zeal the White Lies are undoubtedly going to generate over festival season.

Had I not heard it before, I'd be screaming their names from the rooftops.




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