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Written by TK   

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Are you tired of indie rock? Well look no further than new American band War Tapes to re-inspire you, although admittedly it is more new wave than indie. 

"War Tapes", even upon first listen, grabs you at the socks.  Creating soaring choruses and incredibly catchy loops, this 4-piece band is bound to shake you to the core.  As well as just releasing their first EP, they have produced this three-song EP which features the epic track "Dreaming of You", the more angst-ridden "Always Falling" and the relationship-focused "She Lied".  If "Dreaming of You" doesn’t crack the rock-charts then there is more amiss with the music world than I first thought.  This is a song that the Killers would have loved to write.

War Tapes stylistically encapsulate a multitude of diverse bands but at the same time are completely unique and somewhat indefinable. The band interweaves shrieking guitar-driven songs with lyrics that will get you singing along.

It is hard to work out what makes this band. Is it the meaty guitars, lead-singer Neil Popkin or the choruses that crescendo like Pink Floyd? Whatever it is, War Tapes are going to be big.


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