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Written by Scott Brown   

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The technical term for this type of record is 'a grower' - an album that at first seems unremarkable, which then becomes a mainstay of listening pleasure.

Pleasure, however, is not really the obvious choice of word for the subjects dealt with in Spiritualized's sixthfull  length album, "Songs in A and E", partly because it is their first offering since lead man Jason Pierce's (aka Spaceman) spell in intensive care.

"Songs in A + E" is not so much a musing, but a reflection on life and death.

With track titles like "Death Take Your Fiddle", "The Waves Crash In"' and "Borrowed Your Gun", you get an idea of the album's lyrical tone. Each song is set in exactly the place the album title states:  one where the presence of death has to be recognised and considered, along with a number of often contrary emotions.  It is not all grizzly and hard stuff though.  In fact, despite swelling from an apparently melancholic setting, this record has many uplifting moments.

Musically, there is a lot going on.  Touches of blues and Americana have filtered into the band's 'space rock' sound and lent it quieter notes of depth.  Their familiar sound is still very much present though, particularly in tracks like "Soul on Fire" which is a chorus driven classic, typical of the band's 90's indie style.

Trying to select highlights is difficult because different tracks stand out at different sittings.  This is a hallmark of quality music and, despite having initial reservations, there is no doubt that this is a quality album.  Better still, it is one that keeps getting better with every listen.



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