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Written by TK   

Debut album from the band formerly known as Fear of Flying has been much hyped, and indeed opened up on the UK Album Chart at number one position.

Not bad going from a relatively unknown band.  But upon listening to their album "To Lose My Life", it soon becomes apparent as to why these kids have taken the rock world by storm.  Billed as being similar in style to epic rockers Interpol and featuring the same inventive qualities as Joy Division, there is no doubt that the album is indeed a polished performance.  It is, however, somewhat uneven.  It does remain to be seen whether "White Lies" can reach the lofty heights of success of the various bands they have compared with.

Described as a post-punk Indie band - and God only knows what this means - White Lies is essentially alternative rock on the heavier side of the scale.  Opening track "Death" edgily rises to the occasion after subdued beginnings and features a catchy chorus and a rousing final verse.  "A Place to Hide" is instantly memorable, essentially due to its stunning chorus.  However it is the stand-out track, "Farewell to the Playground", which fortunately lifts the album from the lows of its middle stages.  Happily, the final track, "The Price of Life", is another captivating song and an open top car parade for Harry McVeigh's voice.  The album leans towards morbid fascinations, and the title track features the bleakly romantic lyrics, "Let's grow old together, and die at the same time".  Oddly, even these words do not detract from the song's commerciality.

All in all, this is a somewhat schizophrenic album - the beginning and end of the album are brilliant but it is just a pity that this venom is not maintained throughout the course of the album.  Despite these misgivings, this album is still recommended for all alternative rock fans looking for a slightly new sound.  And there is no doubt that these boys have huge potential.  The release of their follow up album won't come around fast enough for their new legions of fans.


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