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They say that success often goes to one's head.  Could it be that this has happened to the organisers of T in the Park in Scotland?

Boasting a stellar line-up, ostensibly the festival would be difficult to dislike.  Unfortunately, the organisers did their best to create a logistical and administrative nightmare for the fans, especially the campers.

However, despite the organiser's utmost attempts to create havoc, the bands and DJs managed to put on such good performances that arguably T in the Park's reputation as Scotland's premier - if not the UK's - festival has been confirmed again.  Year after year the festival's organisers seem to deliver up prime acts. And it's hard to be complacent about a festival that delivers the likes of REM, the Verve, Kings of Leon, The Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers amongst other big names.

It was the final day that boasted the best line-up. Amy Winehouse starred by the sheer act of showing up.  So common is it for her to cancel performances citing “exhaustion”, her supporters often are over-the-moon with excitement on merely spotting her.  Ms Winehouse may well be unreliable, but she certainly justified her celebrity status with a passionate performance.  Surprisingly, it looked like she may have even enjoyed herself, and she smiled and laughed at the antics of her male dancers through her act.  From “Rehab” and “You Know I'm No Good” to “Back to Black”, this was truly a showcase of her hits.

Completing the magical day were the Kings of Leon - who go from strength to strength with their music and performances - to the racous and eccentric Prodigy, who flicked between various hits including “Voodoo Doll” and “Breathe”, and finally REM donned the stage to push the audience into sing-along mode with their string of catchy down-tempo tunes. Mixed in with these bands were performances by the Zutons, the mad Australian dance-band Pendulum, Primal Scream and the amazing Powderfinger, once again hailing from Australia.
If this wasn't enough, the Chemical Brothers, the classic Eddy Grant, young-guns We Are Scientists and the exhilarating Kaiser Chiefs also graced various stages across the the weekend.
However, the stand-out act of the festival was the Verve.  It would have been impossible not to experience goose-bumps watching the Verve perform, but it was “Bitter Sweet Symphony” that induced the most melancholic interest.  Richard Ashcroft, lead singer of the band, 'modestly' posed the rhetorical question of whether the crowd knew what it was like to create a classic song, before launching into the song that launched the Verve onto an international audience.  Equally as impressive live were “Sonnet”, “The Drugs Don't Work” and “Rolling”.  And they even managed to draw a massive crowd away from the Chemical Brothers who played an electronic and lighting extravaganza.
With that kind of range of bands, it is easy to see why the fans persist in returning to the rough old fields of Scotland for T in the Park.

Top 10 T in the Park Moments

1. Amy Winehouse Performs

Only Amy Winehouse can get a crowd excited by the mere act of turning up.  Yet so common is it for Ms. Winehouse to cancel shows due to "exhaustion", that fans often expect a no-show from her.  Her performance was catchy, talented and kooky – testament to the fact that she is famous for a reason.

2. The Bitter Sweet Verve

Richard Ashcroft of the Verve is no stranger to success, however it appears he is still a stranger to modesty.  Before doing a stirring rendition of "Bitter Sweet Symphony", Mr Ashcroft asked fans the rhetorical question of whether they knew what it was like to write a classic song.  It is a good thing he knows what it is like, I guess.

3. Eddy Grant Renaissance

Eddy grant confirmed his current revival with a smattering of old hits amid new releases.

4. Powderfinger Bring the Weather

The boys from Brisbane get more rock-focused by the year, which we can all be grateful for.  One of the better sets of the festival, and on a sunny afternoon too.

5. Prodigy Pack a Punch

The mad dance-rockers brought the festival to a stand-still.  The performance of "Breath" was enough to take your breath away.

6. The Kaiser Chiefs Cause A Storm

No band gets a crowd more excited than the Kaiser Chiefs, and this proved to be the case once again.

7. Buffalo Burgers Are the Business

The buffalo burger stand in the gourmet food area did a roaring trade for a good reason.  Try one at the next festival you attend.

8. The Chemical Brothers

One of the most intense light shows on the planet, and some classic tunes to boot.

9. The Crowd Revolt Against the System

The 80,000 strong crowd did everyone proud in an attempt to ignore the overly-vigilant security and festival bureaucracy, with the ticketing system being an absolute sham.  Could it be that T in the Park's success has gone to its head?

10. REM Close

How apt that one of the most successful bands of recent times close off on of the biggest festival in the United Kingdom.  

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