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Written by Scott Brown and TK   


(1) Review by Scott Brown

Vinyl Life's self-titled début is deliciously fresh and infectious stuff.

Opening track "Hot Sauce" introduces their blend of house, techno, d'n'b, reggae and electro - all fused together with lashings of old-school hip hop - and will immediately have you bouncing around your bedroom like a bling little disco gnome. 

The New York trio place emphasis on the live element of their predominantly electronic sound and it works: this is fun music.  There's a satisfyingly clunky, squelchy and dirty feel to the album which gives it a gritty, DIY character.  It's no home-made accident though, these tunes have been crafted by masters of the technology.

Also, if reviews of their live performances are anything to go by, Vinyl Life has managed to achieve a rare amount of success in taking dance music to the stage.  Rather than simply programming the music, these chaps actively use the machines as instruments in the performance.

Layered over the top are some smoothly delivered and often cheeky lyrics which bring the whole act to life.  For their inaugural LP, Vinyl Life has successfully created an altogether more visceral and immediate sound than many other dance acts out there.  Watch out for the live shows hitting the UK soon.

I can't pick a fave track - they're all pretty damn good.



(2) Review by TK

Vinyl Life's creation, self-titled album "Vinyl Life", is quite extraordinary.  It is as creative as real-estate jargon and as upbeat as the stock-market in a boom-time. 

The main creative force behind the album are New York lads Butcha, MC Phaze Future and Ritchie Roxx.  They appear to step away as far as possible from a reliance on modern music technology, and instead place emphasis on analog gear. 

But instead of making their music wholly irrelevant, their emphasis on utilising old equipment as instruments heightens the sensory experience.  No doubt, Vinyl Life would be very entertaining to see live – their ability to mash numerous music genres such as funk, hip-hop, house, techno and electro together without causing an ear-ache, is truly impressive.  The boys also have obvious comedy value.

"Hot Sauce" begins the party with a heady mix of catchy rhymes and pure unadulterated funk.  "Innovation" has a fine mixture of beats and synth, reminisce of Felix De Housecat but more assessable for the dance-floor masses.  By the time “Like This” comes around, you know that these boys are heading places – and it may well be by way of this track (the first single released from the album).  With its synth, funky undertones and catchy chorus, it has potential classic written all over it.  Later in the album, Vinyl Life even has the confidence to rehash De La Soul's "Take It Off", to great effect.

This is a seriously cool album, and will add some serious weight to your music collection.



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