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How has your year been? What has taken up most of your time?

Challenging and exhausting but totally worth it. Cr2 has never been busier and thanks to all my amazing staff and artists we have been able to continue our success. With MYNC at its highest profile ever in the marketplace, a hectic touring schedule has taken up majority of the year along with many hours of studio time. We managed to find time to shoot the video for “i feel love” in Ibiza over the summer which was great. Atlantic records in USA are also now releasing the single.

And how has your musical taste evolved this year? What has inspired you?

For me, the sound has become more big room with acts like SHM leading the way. This has influenced a lot of up and coming producers look out for Dan Castro in 2011.

Why the move to Aus?

I love coming out to Australia and have been doing so for the last 4 years. It is one of our biggest territories in the world for our record sales. The club and festival scene over here is amazing and feels as though it hasn't even reached its peak. This is the first year MYNC has toured for 2 years, I have exclusive residencies at Chinese Laundry in Sydney and Platinum in Gold Coast, visit our for complete list of tour dates. 

How are crowds different to the rest of the world?

The crowds are a lot younger here, there is definitely a real party vibe over the summer when all the festivals are on, which is never a bad thing!

Will you play any different down there?

No, I will play my normal sound. Djing for me is about entertaining and educating. I am fortunate enough to have access to lots of exclusive music, which I am able to test out at my gigs, which keeps me ahead of the game. 

What will you miss most about home?

Absolutely nothing. Australia feels like home. Well, my family and label staff of course.

Will you still be able to run the label and stuff from down there?

Absolutely, in fact Sophie, who runs our DJ Agency will be coming over to Australia to work from here in January. There are also plenty of late night Skype calls to the office. My staff are quite self sufficient in that we are all on the same wave length and plan in advance so whilst I’m away touring they can look after themselves, however I’m always on the phone on a daily basis!

What are you most looking forward to about the tour?

Obviously being in Australia is exciting anyway as the weather is great as are the people. But I’m really looking forward to playing at Chinese Laundry, Platinum and Super Disco (Frank Cotela's new night in Melbourne) as these are my favourite clubs in Australia.

Do you write the same way you always have or have your methods changed over the years?

I now use Logic and Ableton whereas before I just used Ableton.

 What else have you got coming up?

Lots of stuff production wise! The new MYNC Cr2 Live and Direct compilation is coming out in January. On the singles front MYNC and Christian Luke ‘Duckzilla’ in December. In early 2011 MYNC the House Nation Anthem on Stealth Records, there is also the big collaboration track with MYNC and Erick Morillo which will be coming out on Subliminal, and also the release of our track ‘Anything is possible’ on Size Records which we’re really excited about! 2011 is going to be massive for MYNC!





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