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Written by TK   

Ever had to deal with a difficult person in a position of power over your life?  Undoubtedly, you are not alone.  In "Trying", script-writer Joanna McClelland Glass has created the ultimate irritable and obstinate character in the guise of Judge Francis Biddle (former Attorney General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt).   

The relationship between Judge Biddle and his secretary Sarah Schoor - and particularly how she deals with his challenging moods - forms the focus of the play.   Based on the true-life recollection of Sarah Schoor, "Trying" provokes a mix of emotions as it is as cheerless in its portrayal of Biddle as it is inspirational in its depiction of Sarah Schoor.    

Michael Craig, veteran of the stage and screen, turns in a brilliant performance as Judge Biddle.  Craig is a sight to behold and evokes grumpy-old-man syndrome down to the tee.  Meghan Popiel is similarly impressive in her interpretation of the ambitious and strong-willed Sarah Schoor.   It is the gathering bond between Judge Biddle and Sarah Schoor, as well as the sharp and witty one-liners, which makes "Trying" compelling viewing. 

Its commentary on class divides in mid-century America and female societal pressures provides an interesting back-drop to the play.  References to the Nuremberg War Crimes' Trials, and particularly Hermann Goring, will interest any war history buff, as will the fact that Judge Biddle was one of the judges at the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.  This is highly recommended viewing in the intimate Finborugh Theatre.          

The stirring "Trying" is playing until April 11, 2009. 

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