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Written by TK   

Only those with their heads in the clouds would not have heard about the recent release of Portishead's album, “Third”.  There was almost as much anticipation for “Third” than there was for Coldplay's new release, although arguably the bands have polar opposite fan-bases.

Upon release, “Third” entered the United Kingdom charts at No.2, an outstanding feat for Portishead who have not composed new music for more than a decade and testament to the fact that the album was released to critical acclaim, both from the media as well as the fans.  It is pleasing that overall the media - often conservative in its views - have embraced an album which is as dark as a winter's night in Finland.

The latest single from the album, “The Rip”, is one of the album's brighter moments.  It is, without a doubt, a little gem and is a perfect forum for Beth Gibbon's stunning voice to be heard in all its mighty glory.  The beginning of the tune almost has Folk music elements, but as it progresses obtains a more typical Portishead sound of pared-down electronica.  This is a song that reminds you of the close connection between minimalistic progressive rock of the 1970s and electronica, and sits at an odd half-way house between Emerson Lake and Palmer and Kraftwerk.

Despite “The Rip” being one of the albums lighter moments, you still get the impression that Gibbon's is stuck in a horror movie, and the lyrics and the drawn-out sound would be perfectly at ease in a trippy underground bar in Bristol.  It is unknown what particular ingredients in Bristol produced the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead, however the West-coast city will be hoping for continuing musical success (as will the rest of the world).

“The Rip” is as beautiful as it is interesting, and an ideal antidote for highly-expectant Portishead fans who have been begging for a new release for as long as this reviewer can remember.


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