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Written by Thomas Holme   

Soft, melodic and strangely whimsical, this track is absorbing and refreshing in these modern, troubled times.  The video features the weary, worn out inhabitants of the destroyed city; Chernobyl and has been nominated for three U.K Music Video Awards. All in all it’s a worthwhile song for the hazy days that we all share.

Buoyant crescendos, subtle baselines, simple yet solid drums, absorbing synth sounds combined with definite, gentle lyrics: Delphic’s  "This Momentary" defies gravity and sings to the listener like a lullaby.

Some of the drum sounds are almost reminiscent of the disco era, but Delphic wisely bring the track away from this treacherous ground subtly and seemingly with ease.  Personally I prefer my music a little harder hitting and a little less ‘middle of the road’, but regardless I do like this track.  It caresses the mind and takes the importance out of the day, as it should.

Music for the masses, doled out like slop in a school cafeteria, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this band from Manchester makes the big time in no time at all.  God only knows in this era of ‘return to the eighties pap’ the public could do with something to get their teeth into. 

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