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Written by Kate Elks   

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This down-tempo track from creative partners Dave Jay and Mark Dalton has their hearts firmly on its sleeves.  Released on Acid Jazz Records, the tune is first release from Twisted Tongue's debut album.

Crisp production reigns in a mish-mash of influences with funk at the fore.  The track starts off with classic keys, sharp analogue drums and a vocal effect and lyric straight from a Gnarls Barkley tune. Oddities reveal themselves in a gospel thick chorus in the form of chipmunk-pitch vocals, sounding almost-but-not-too-gimmicky against the Roland keys and swing drums.

And what would funk be without brass?  It's here, played straight for the most part.  The song seems to happen in two sections, linked by brass it finishes with an electronic 'solo' of dance bass, touches of finger-picked guitar.  And thus the mish-mash - the whole thing does not quite sit tight.  Makes you wonder what they could do with some smoothing of the rougher edges?

The impression is funk-esque, with just enough quirk to make it different and dirty bass to make it solid.  


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