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Written by TK   

New track "In For The Kill" is an eclectic blend of electro and pop.  Lead singer Elly Jackson's voice is starkly beautiful, but the track particularly stands-out for its electro-touch.  However, Ms Jackson's blissful high-notes are also a feature of the track. 

There appears to be hope that a track such as "In For the Kill" can obtain significant commercial success in the United Kingdom - obviously there is still room for real talent to thrive in the music charts. 

Skream's "Let's Get Ravey" remix is a fantastic version of the song and builds from its mysterious beginnings to become a toe-tapping yet soulful number featuring beats reminisce of Hybrid.  This version of the song almost outdoes La Roux themselves! 

Evidently, La Roux are the Eurythmics of this generation.  But here is the rub - just like the Eurythmics broke new ground back in the 1980s stylistically, so do La Roux.   





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