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Written by TK   

If you ask an Indian for directions, often the only response will be a nod of a head from side-to-side.  

Ostensibly, this would appear to signify a lack of knowledge.  Unlike the Western world, though, a head-shake in India is not an overtly negative act and can instead mean "Yes, I know where that is", "No I have no idea" or even "your breath smells of curry".

What is somewhat clearer is that the Goan coastline, just south of Mumbai, is the party destination for this century.  Forget the overly-commercial Ibiza, if you want partying at its rawest and most invigorating, Goa is the place to go.  Little wonder then that dance music label Defected has entitled its latest compilation "Goa 09".

The only problem is that the title is slightly misleading as the three-CD collection does not have any Goan influence at all.

However, little does it matter what the CD is entitled – ATFC, Simon Dunmore and Peal have managed to spin together one of the most varied compilations of the year.  From the dark beginnings of Simon Dunmoore's contribution, which includes the funky 'Watcha Gonna Do' by Teddy Douglas feat. Margaret Grace and Mark Knight's remix of Laurent Garnier's 'Man With the Red Face' (one of the all time classic jazzy house tracks), to the starkly uplifting but blissful CD by DJ Pearl, 'Goa 09' is an essential for any fan of non-commercial dance music.

Especially if you just so happen to be heading to Goa for some time out. 


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