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Written by TK   
The Voodoo Trombone Quartet have produced an interesting collection of tunes on "Again". Featuring baritone sax, French horn, trombone and trumpet, there is certainly no shortage of brass on offer here.

"South Westerly" is the most commercial tune on the album, and with a funky beat and catchy lyrics, it is easy to see this as being the most popular of the songs on offer.  "(Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew" is also a cool little number. "Do It Your Way" is also a sassy little tune.  "So Innocent" is the most musically creative song on the album.

The remainder of the tunes start grating a little bit, and suggests the band is good in small doses.  Unless you absolutely love your brass that is.  But there is enough on "Again" to keep you interested, especially if you need perking up half way through a ten hour drive.


Label:  Freshly Squeezed


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