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Written by Thomas Holme   

Crack out the electronic fondue set: if you like your cheese dripping then this one is for you...  Kitsuné Maison 8, "The Chic and Nice Issue", is an assortment of vaguely refreshing, uplifting electronic giblets, served to the masses in an orgy of simple beats, bleeps and squeeky vocals.  This collection is an interesting combination of nearly bland, dry, feel-good melodies.  It verges on the brink of cheesy pop and is saved from the abyss that is pap by undertones of funk, indie and old school arcade game audio textures.

There are some tasty little nuggets of sleek electro-funk here and there as the album progresses, not forgetting some serious smatterings of disco-cheese thrown in for good measure.  At some points, you will feel you have been thrown into the Nightrider Sega Mega-drive game.  "I Love London" by Crystal Fighters is a racy little number, combining elements of salsa, bangra, trendy electro and cheeky female vocals and is, to be frank, the best of the bunch. 

You feel that the album could have done something more and really pushed the sound barrier just a little bit harder.  However, instead "The Chic and Nice Issue" remains a little bland, despite staying true to what it is.

The cheekiness of the album prevents it being a target to be slated.  And this much is true - if you enjoy simple beats and clean lyrics, then you will definately enjoy this tremendously.



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