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Moby has been producing dance music since time immemorial, true or not?  It would appear to be clear-cut, however many of his fans - and non-fans - would argue that in his early career Moby was indeed dance-music focused before slipping into more ambient ways after 1999's album "Play". 

There is a strong argument that pre-"Play" and "Play" was Moby at his best, and his follow up albums "18" and "Hotel Downtempo" were as exciting as cardboard.  Perhaps all of this discussion is unfair, as there is no doubt that Moby is a talented man - both socially-aware and musically-gifted.  Which is why it is so pleasing for everyone that he has reverted to dancier times on his latest album, aptly titled, "Last Night", a concept album about an all-night-bender.

"I Love to Move in Here" has a sultry vocal sample and catchy piano hook.  The rap influence of Grandmaster Caz on "I Love to Move In Here" adds a Groove Armada element to Moby's record.  Stand-out dance-tracks on the albums include the jazzy and soul-diva-like "Everyday It's 1989", and the rousing "Live For Tomorrow".  "Ooh Yeah", the opening track, is a pure chill-out moment. 

"Hyeanas" is the closest the album gets to sounding like the world-famous tune "Porcelain" featured in the movie "The Beach".  This is a tune that has remarkable similarities to Porcelain. Unfortunately, the dance vibe cant be sustained throughout the whole album, and the end is a slightly disappointing downer.

Overall, it's good to see Moby embracing dance-music again, and not shying away from it towards more downtempo moments in the vein of "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?".  Whatever the reason for Moby's shift in focus, electronica fans the world over have reason to celebrate.


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