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The new compilation from house music label, Defected in the House, is another example as to how the label has built-up such a strong reputation over the years.  

Sampling everything from classic vocal house, to dance anthems, to chill-out, to Latin funk, and to disco, the album "Eivissa 08" is anything but mainstream.  Many of the tunes have "anthem" written all over them, and although your rock music-lover may struggle to be inspired by the songs enough to fly to the hedonistic island Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, dance music lovers just might.  And even if you do not happen to be heading to Ibiza, why don't you let the international DJ Simon Dunmoore create classic Summer vibes in your lounge-room, kitchen, back-yard or even your bathroom! 

There is no denying that house-music has hit a bit of a rut in recent years in terms of being innovative which has outcast several former fans who may be now more inspired by the diverse electronic music on offer from the likes of Hot Chip and Pendulum.  However, contradictorily, it is the consistent nature of house-music that is most appealing to a lot of fans.  As the old saying goes, if the record ain't broken don't fix it.  Or should that be, if the dance-floor ain't broken don't fix it?

DJ Dunmoore follows the age-old tradition of beginning a house compilation with a chilled-out track, progressing through to upbeat house to get the party-people started, and ending with some anthem-like tunes.  The meatiest of these tracks is the sublime Los Jugerderos track, "What You Doing to This Girl" (Normal Jay Edit), ATFC's killer "Giv Me Love", the deep beats of "Siarre" by Studio Apartment featuring Marc Evans, and the uplifting "War" by Julien Jabre.  Great remixes of several Kings of Tomorrow tracks and a Jon Cutler song are also added for good times sake.

This is toe-tapping stuff, taking you back to late nights spent in trendy clubs in the wee hours.  But you don't have to be in a club to enjoy this selection as it is one of the most appealing of the most recent house-music compilation releases.  It should therefore be a hit with all house-music punters. 


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