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Written by TK   

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It is clear that Dixon, the force behind the label Innervisions, enjoys various genres of electronic-music, as he has selected a diverse range of songs and remixes for his new CD "Temporary Secretary".  Part down-tempo, part-soulful house and part-experimental, "Temporary Secretary" is an inspired collation. 

But it is not the songs featured on "Temporary Secretary" that adds real spark; rather it is Dixon's mixing-methods.  This highlights Dixon's real talent.

Rest assured though, there are some immense tunes on the album.  Jazzanova's "Let Me Show Ya" builds beautifully to its soothing-soul vocals and deserves to be played in the coolest bars in the world.  The album also features interesting contributions by Junior Boys, Code 718 (Danny Tenaglia) and an eerie tribal number by Peter Kluder.  Peter Kluder's tune, in particular, gives you an idea about how thoughtful Dixon's mixing is – if this song doesn't induce shivers down your spine, there is something wrong with you!

Listening to this album may not rouse you straight up onto the dance-floor, but it will definitely stir up various emotions.  It certainly appeals to anyone who likes their electronic-music served with flair, not just fluff. 


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