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Written by TK   

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The follow up to Get Salted showcases a thumping mix of deep-house and soulful-dance tracks.   Mixed by Miguel Migs, a deep-house DJ and producer from San Francisco, "Get Salted Volume 2" has a non-commercial vibe.  You're certainly not going to find the likes of David Guerreta or Bob Sinclair on this album. 

From its cool beginnings, the mix delves into some fairly obscure titles some of which have strong piano and jazz elements, and some of which are more funk than house.

It's good to see that Miguel Migs isn't afraid of featuring a few of his own tunes on the album too.  Out of these selections, it is the jazzy-house "Sometime" which packs the most punch with its funky beat and repeated chorus-line.  "Life and Music" is also a highly listenable track.  Other toe-tapping tunes from other artists include selections from Lovebirds, Joshua Heath, Dutchican Soul and Yogi & Husky.  

The mix borders on the deeper side of house for the most part, which is perfect for the drive on the way to the club (or drive home…) – although some of the tracks nearer the end of the album feature deep-house beats and soaring vocals, which may stifle conversation (this may be a good thing, depending on the company that you keep!).


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