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Written by TK   

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French musician Alif Tree's style has been described in many ways - upbeat trip-hop, modern downtempo and jazzy ambient chill-out.

Whatever genre Alif Tree may or may not be, there is no doubting the sheer eclecticism and individualism of new release "Clockwork". From the airy and cello-infused "Never Be the Same" which features captivating vocals and a beautiful chorus-line, to the mysterious opening track "Aurevoir", to the groovy, dirty and bluesy "Way Down South" which bears a remarkable resemblance to "The Sopranos" theme song, this album is anything but predictable.  And that is just the first three offerings!

Added into the mix is the French-sounding "Mai" featuring a mouth-organ as well as the vocals of Emilie Satt, the sultry jazzy sounds of "Without He", and the more piano and percussion-led ultra-funky "Not Gonna Waste My Time".  "Reality" is also a hit, featuring a dramatic piano-led chorus. 

Alif Tree is a rare talent.  Anyone who is a fan of the diverse Gotan Project or obscure jazzy chill-out music in general will be in for a treat.



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