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Written by TK   

Wow. I haven't heard eighties' diva hits like this since, well... the eighties. But, from the likes of Grace Jones you’d expect nothing less.

"Hurricane" is quite a remarkable album in many respects, not least because it is Grace Jones' first since 1989's "Bulletproof Heart".  It is unbelievable to think she was swanning around Studio 54 before I was even born, and yet she has somehow created an album that my generation isn't capable of.  The woman is timeless in the truest sense of the word, and "Hurricane" boasts some classics tunes which sound like they could have been produced at her peak two decades ago.

From the tightly-produced and eclectic "William's Blood" and similarly catchy "This is life" to the pure funk of "Well Well Wells”, Grace just doesn’t let up. Mistress of all trades, trip-hop "Corporate Cannibal" and the emotional "I'm Crying (Mother's Tears)" add impressive variety, and perhaps most significantly, not one song grates.

Strike me down for my ageism, but "Hurricane" does not sound like an album from the hands of a sixty year old; contemporary acts still have a lot to learn about keeping up with this Jones.


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