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Written by TK   

There is no doubt that Robin James won't appeal to everyone.  However, it is the variety of tastes in this world which makes it an interesting place.

And whether your favourite type of coffee is a latte or a flat white, you will definately enjoy the quality of coffee beans on offer here.

The first thing that strikes you is the subtle nature of the vocals.  The beauty of James' voice also strikes you, almost passing as a girls' voice.  Finally, the non-use of computers in the production of the album compels you to pay close attention to the meaningful lyrics, metamorphising you into James' head.

Opening track "St Jude" is the stand-out on the album, featuring the odd lyrics:  "I said a prayer to St Jude, the patron saint of a hopeless cause, I said hey Jude, na na na na na nana".  The more upbeat "Rag Doll Girl" also appeals.

There are no show stoppers here.  But the stunning vocals are enough to make a listen rewardable.  Likewise, you ought to give it some time to "grow on you"


Label:  Toe Rag Studios
Release Date:  30 November 2009


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