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Written by Jordan White   

Back with another dose of trendy electro-pop, Miike Snow are cementing their position as the best thing since Abba to leave Sweden (Well, aside from singer Andrew Wyatt who is, in fact, American.)

Black & Blue is a perfectly crafted song which is upbeat and toe-tappingly addictive, yet also manages to sound a little sombre in parts – perhaps portraying the song title itself.

A keyboard hook of slightly syncopated, slightly sharp chord stabs is the defining feature of this number.  Coupled with some edgy synths you’d think this would be straying into the WTF? territory, but the melody calms the tone.  It’s all very jolly and slightly camp what with the light and airy high-pitched harmonies which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Scissor Sisters track.

I’ll leave the eerie ending for you to figure out for yourself, while Miike Snow goes and figures out what kind of magic they are going to conjure up next…


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