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Sean Paul has carved out a career producing tracks that sound strikingly familiar to his first commercially successful singles, "Get Busy" and "Gimme the Light". 

This is not an altogether negative thing - there is no denying that "Get Busy" is one of the classic dance tunes of this decade.  And his sound is instantly recognisable. Certainly, Sean Paul has experienced considerable success over the years (highlighted by his 2004 Grammy Award). 

Unfortunately "So Fine", from his forth album "Imperial Blaze", is no "Get Busy".  It has more of a "Gimme the Light" vibe without its innate catchiness.

But "So Fine" will, no doubt, soon grace the play-list of many commercial dance-music DJs across the world.  Whether you think this is a good thing depends on whether you are a fan of Sean Paul's distinctive style.  If you are not, then unlike "Get Busy" which held general appeal, there is not much in "So Fine" for you. 


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