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Written by TK   

There has always been room in the music world for Euro trash, oops I mean trance.   

Whether in the throbbing depths of a European nightclub, or indeed a trashy bar anywhere in the world, Euro trance inevitably provokes a sudden move towards the dance-floor of packs of girls.

In Sweden, September is when the weather starts to chill.  September, from Sweden, is bound to have the opposite effect.  September is a blond, famous dance-pop singer who has already produced a number of hit commercial dance tracks.

"Can't Get Over This" is bound to be another.  It has all the right ingredients for a classic Euro Trance track - high-pitched synthesisers, predictable bass and a soaring female voice. 

"Can't Get Over This" will lead to many a reveler to attempt to build boxes with their hands whilst sweating up a storm on the dancefloor.  The pure comic value in that alone justifies every beat of the song.


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