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Written by TK   

Commercial dance music will always have a large audience to cater.  Teeny-boppers dancing in their lounge-room, cheesy nightclubs and bars and roller-skating rinks ensure that there will always be demand for cheesy dance music.   


Dance Nation have had an eye towards this market recently, with some success.  Unfortunately, their latest offering "Tomorrow Never Knows" does not inspire much confidence in the current state of commercial dance music.

In the defence of Dance Nation, it is not entirely their fault that in the latter parts of this decade that there has been a real dearth of talented commercial dance acts.  Gone are the days of Sash, ATB, and Black Box.  Instead we are left with a plethora of artists attempting to remake old classics and talentless pop stars being remixed to death.

The album is redeemed with a smattering of likeable tunes such as Calvin Harris with his instantly classic "I'm Not Alone" and Steve Angello with "Show Me Love".  Interestingly, Sash's past classic "Mysterious Times" also gets a run, which just goes to prove my earlier point.

But with the large part of the album being made up of artists such as Scouting For Girls, Christina Aguilera, September and Pink, unfortunately the album was never going to be a timeless classic.


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