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Written by TK   

The talented Camden-based group N-Dubz are set to hit the charts with their new tune, "You Better Not Waste My Time".

Featuring catchy female vocals of Tulisa and the rapping prowess of Kano, "You Better Not Waste My Time" is sure to be an urban hit.  This is the kind of tune that even your old ma would jiggle her feet to, although I dare say that the older generation is hardly the audience that N-Dubz are striving for.

Although a bit of a world-hating song, with its lyrics being reminisce of Eminem in some respects, the chorus and overall tempo makes the tune an uplifting one.  Not quite R & B and not quite hip-hop, it is hard to box this song into any particular category.  Which is just the style of N-Dubz's previous singles, "Feva Las Vegas" and "I Swear".

“You Better Not Waste My Time” may well be the song that gains N-Dubz significantly more recognition, which is well deserved as the trio are somewhat of a rare-breed in the industry as they write, record and produce their own material.  Which means they actually have talent.

N-Dubz are definitely a group to keep an eye out for, or rather in this case two ears.


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