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Written by TK   

The new single from Australian duo, the Bumblebeez, called "Rio" is a likable little tune.

It is a similar style to some of Moloko's later music, and is featured on Bumblebeez' latest LP, "Prince Umberto and the Sister of Ill".  It is apt that the song is named after one of the gaudiest and fun party cities in the world, Rio Di Janeiro, as the song itself reflects the spirit of the Brazilian city.

The brother and sister act manage to combine hip-hop with guitar-based tunes.  It is the electro features and the beats of "Rio" which makes the tune catchy, rather than the actual singing.  "Rio" should have actually probably been called Copacabana, if not for the fact that the Bumblebeez would have had major copyright issues (I think there has already been a song named after this famous beach!?).  "Rio" has a great beach vibe, helping to recall for me many a great beach party in Latin America, especially apparent in the lyrics, "I'm flying down to Rio, just to meet my girl Cleo and go to Venezuala and there be no better bitches".  Do you think they meant to write "beaches", not "bitches"?

"Rio" is the definition of electro hip-hop, and the Bumblebeez have a promising road ahead of them if they can replicate the vibe and sound of this tune over the next few years.  The CD single even comes replete with a remix by Etienne De Crecy, sure to be heard on many a dance-floor across Australia and the rest of the globe in the coming months.


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