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Written by TK   

Now here is an artist with a ridiculous name if I have ever heard one, and a crazily titled song to boot.

I hope dearly that the dance music songwriter Muscles is using irony in its purest form and that in fact he is as skinny as a Parisian catwalk model.

On first listen, you would be forgiven for thinking that "Ice Cream" is one of the worst songs to come out of Australia for a while.  Certainly, the Melbourne-born Muscles is unique.  However, after repeated listens the song starts to grow on you (but hopefully not grate on you).

Oddly, "Ice Cream" is a sweet and sour mix.  With lyrics such as, "he could have a knife, stab me in the gut, bleeding on the floor, shoulda kept my mouth shut", one can only wonder the streets that Muscles must have walked.  It may well have been another planet, as the lyrics "ice cream is gonna save the day", suggest that ice cream is Muscles' weapon of choice when dealing with urban conflict and being attacked with a knife.  Makes you think about setting up a business as an ice cream vendor in Brixton.  Although perhaps with a name like "Muscles", he would not even need an ice-cream to fend off an attacker.

I would think that Muscles would challenge even the Streets in a shout-off, however Muscle's electro pop sound is actually oddly more satisfying than the stop-start rhythm of the Streets.  "Ice-Cream" turns out to be a catchy number, however just don't expect to unearth any great hidden messages in Muscle's lyrics.


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